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There are literally unlimited “guides or tips or products” that you can follow when trying to find some direction for your lifestyle… however, the more you dig into these “options” the more confused you become.

Our experienced Team will cut through the clutter and confusion helping you connect the dots between physical, mental, and spiritual health. We deliver SIMPLE and HONEST information and products that allow you to instantly start improving your nutrition, reducing body fat levels and positively transforming your overall health and lifestyle.

To You and Your Loved Ones,
Team Change That Up

Kyle Bonnstetter, Change That Up Founder & CEO

Kyle Bonnstetter has been helping literally hundreds of thousands of people world-wide transform their lives and create a positive lifestyle. Kyle is widely recognized as a health and lifestyle expert who routinely consults with celebrities, athletes, and business people alike, helping them to revitalize their lifestyle and dramatically ignite their passion and purpose.

Kyle’s first love is his family.  He is a dedicated husband and father of three. You can always find Kyle playing with his kids or sharing laughs with his friends.

In 2018 Kyle was diagnosed with a rare heart disease and underwent open heart surgery.  Kyle credits his doctors, family, friends and faith for a successful and quick recovery. After undergoing his personal experience, Kyle created the Faith-Fear-Foundation.  Its mission is to help save lives, by educating the public about heart disease, promoting early detection, and supporting the most promising research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this disease.